Happe Earth - promotional video (2023)

Just Walk Away - Walshy (2023)

In  collaboration with Walshy, Houswife Music and Cian Redmond
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 (Part 1 )


This short film- The Un-chaotic Cabinet That Wishes For Me To Sleep (Part 1)- is a reflection of my mind state over 2 years (during 2020-2022). Centred around the character ‘Laurence Snell’, we follow him as he makes his way (by bike) through suburban Dublin and into town, in the hopes that the trip will help clear his head. Made in response to the feeling of loneliness, and the want to feel okay with the person he truly is, he reflects on his state of mind through daydream and memory.

The Main references for the plot were ‘At Swim Two Birds’ by Flann O’Brien, ‘The Catcher in The Rye’ by J.D Salinger and ‘Ulysses’ by James Joyce. This piece was also inspired by the poets W.B Yeats and Patrick Kavanagh particularly the poem ‘Dark Ireland’.The aesthetic of the piece comes from surrealist methods such as stream of consciousness inspired by William Kentridge mixed with more linear and structured layouts inspired from the comic artist Chris Ware.

I wanted to blend different mediums and styles into one. I found that whatever mental state I was in when drawing whatever frame it was, was reflected through the style. In an agitated state the line would be more crude, in a relaxed state the line would be more free flowing. This was an attempt to learn animation, film, narrative ideas, and improve in these areas. as well as to make real the desire to create a film. Along with this came the reality of my actual mind-state. I saw this piece as a way of expressing the hope I have for myself- to become more calm and organised as a person. I felt it necessary to acquire this before finishing college and facing the reality of industry and real working life.

Using both The Illusion of Life and The Animator's Survival Kit as well as many youtube tutorials and animation references (PilotRedSun, David O’Reilly, Ryan Larkin, Terry Gilliam) I examined the principles of animation and made my own take on what I had learned. The film is a semi-biographical piece that blends the inner workings of my mind with the reality that I see. I found myself using this film as an outlet for my deep rooted fears.While looking at a person's mental state, I always try to understand what it is that creates mental illness; the outcast, the person that does not fit in, and to strive to make my feelings more understandable for those who may not have a similar thought process to what's considered typical/ natural.

I also want to convey to people that they are not alone. Although slowly changing I feel the topic of the mind and mental illness is still a touchy subject for some, where I would like a space where people can admit openly to their fears, desires, to live in a state of honesty and be genuine to the person they truly are.